Our company was honored for its practical participation in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Eurofilm MANTZARIS SA follows with steady steps the path towards circular economy.

Not a drop of water to waste !!!

We are excited to announce that on 30/12/2021 Eurofilm MANTZARIS SA was certified with the FSSC 22000 standard.

Eurofilm MANTZARIS SA aims to become one of the first Greek Industries that will use the Independent Energy Sources to cover 100% of its energy requirements, expanding its investments.

As part of our investment program for 2019, we have invested € 1,700,000 for innovative lamination film technology and equipment.

As the demand for quality film grows, we were driven to establish our new offices in Athens to cover the exportation devision.

Eurofilm MANTZARIS S.A. participates in the National Research Project for the minimization of the Environmental Footprint VIOSTROFI.

Prevention of environmental risks is a priority for Eurofilm MANTZARIS SA.

The #coronavirus outbreak has been challenging for everyone. Eurofilm MANTZARIS SA is committed to meeting the increasing critical needs of the #ppe equipment industry.