Commitment to sustainability


  • Promotion of Green Energy
  • Reduction of Energy Footprint
  • 2021: Installation of photovoltaic panels for electricity autonomy.
  • Collection of rainwater for firefighting needs, irrigation and site cleaning.
  • LED Technology Lighting.
  • Promotion of electric vehicles and installation of vehicle chargers.
    • Zero-waste strategy, collecting and recycling materials for re-granulation and reuse.
  • Annual funding for Research & Development of innovative products that focus on sustainability.


  • Biogenic / biodegradable PLA materials
  • Compostable products
  • High efficiency lamination PE film (EVO)
  • PE film using MDO technology for PE / PE mono-material packaging


• Eurofilm ΜΑΝΤΖΑΡΗΣΑ.Εmember of CEFLEX consortium:

CEFLEX focuses on research and development for solutions so that flexible packaging transfuse direct, and added value to the circular economy.
It studies and designs/develops advanced systems to improve the performance of these materials (flexible packaging), throughout the collaboration of companies involved in the entire flexible packaging production and supply chain.

        ○ Within the CEFLEX consortiumpartnerships with other companies throughout Europe are encouraged. The actions aim to develop technologies and processes that will provide better financial and technical management of PE materials combined with environmental targets promoting circular economy.

        ○  This initiative promotes partnerships between raw material producers and packaging manufacturers for consumer products, traders, as well as waste management and recycling companies.

• Eurofilm  ΜΑΝΤΖΑΡΗΣΑ.Εin collaboration with A. Hatzopoulos S.A. participate in a National research project for minimizing environmental footprint.

Exploitation of food industry by-products for the production of biogenic biodegradable, active food packaging” with the acronym: VIOSTROFI.

Under the coordination of:

Structures and Materials Research Group, Agricultural Engineering Department, AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS

In collaboration with the:

• Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens

• Laboratory of. Food Quality Control and Hygiene, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens


With the support of the:

• National Project: “RESEARCH – DESIGN – INNOVATION”


• Special Managing Authority for the Operational Program “COMPETITIVENESS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION” (EYD EPAnEK)

• Special Managing & Application Authority for Research, Technological Development and InnovationProjects(ΕΥDΕΕΤΑΚ)

Goal of the project is the development of an integrated sustainable business chain of synergic valorization of industrial by-products, for the production of high value-added active food packaging from biodegradable bio-based polymers (PHB) reinforced with micro-or nano-fibers of microbial cellulose (MC). The packaging will be produced on a pilot scale by the participating industries of plastic films and packaging, with financial benefits from the utilization of by-products on the axis of the circular economy.