Packaging bags

Plastic packaging bags

Eurofilm Mantzaris SA produces a wide range of high quality polyethylene bags for a range of industrial, professional and consumer applications. Based on our innovative technology and the special blends of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE that we have developed, these products offer excellent mechanical strength. We have standardized products as well as products tailored to the needs of each market we serve and to the specific requirements of each customer. We offer a wide variety of packaging bags suitable for everyday applications, as well as more demanding ones, namely for the packaging of agricultural and building materials.


Packaging bags

Heavy duty bags are available either in rolls (tube or single sheet) in case the customer has on-line packaging equipment, or in ready-made sacks.

Eurofilm uses contemporary packaging technology that improves products by exploiting special advanced types of polymer resins (LD-HD-LLDPE and PP) in order to produce sacks that have a wide range of mechanical properties, such as puncture resistance, elasticity, coefficient of friction (COF) and improved appearance.

High quality images and paintwork can be printed on the film making the packaged product optically attractive.

This film may have anti-slip strips embossed on the surface to improve pallet stability. It is ideal for very demanding applications. Due to its composite structure, it has high puncture resistance and tensile strength. It is manufactured from the finest raw materials at the most sophisticated assembly lines.

Printed films with the customer brand name are available in a full range of sizes and for various applications: packaging of fertilizers, animal and fish feed, potting soil, and raw materials.


Packaging bags


Available in a wide range of sizes and colours depending on usage and customer needs. Usually available in 25kg-packages:

  • Small bags for paint supply stores (transparent, 3.5 microns thick, and in variety of sizes)
  • Protective bags for mattresses (single and double)
  • Protective bag for carpets and rugs
  • Clothing packaging for dry cleaners’
  • Construction waste handling (transparent, with high puncture resistance)


Packaging bags

Large bags are ideal for weather-sensitive products and big loads that require high-security pallet protection. Films are available in rolls (sheets or tubing) up to 2.5 m wide. Printed pallet hood, shrink and stretch hood are also available.

Film can be single or multiple layer (COEX) in various dimensions and thickness. Special types of polyethylene are used to achieve optimal results: greater tensile strength, UV stabilization for outdoors storage, vivid color and many more.

Large bags meet the requirements of various industries for branded packaging: insulating and building materials, furniture, mattresses, timber, chemicals, detergents, fertilizers, animal and fish feed, as well as every product shipped in pallets. Its high clarity allows packaged products to be advertised while safely shipped.

They are available in:

  • Simple form with a 4 to 6 month life span for outdoors storage.
  • UV Stabilized form for outdoor use and longer life span depending on the application.
  • Various welding widths (up to 2 m)