Product Return Policy & Procedure

Last update: April 2020

Terms & Conditions

  • If a defective product is delivered to you, please contact the Customer Service Department or the Sales Department as soon as possible, to inform about the product and the occurring problem.

  • Returns of goods are accepted within reasonable period of time from the date your order was received, and after prior written notification with full justification of the return request. Your request should be approved by our company in writing, before loading – shipping the products to be returned.

  • Shipping expenses are born by your company. The product is shipped in its original condition and packaging or using similar type of packaging, enclosing a copy of the purchase receipt or invoice (see detailed instructions below in the Return Procedure).

  • In case of fault of Eurofilm MANTZARIS S.A., and if the conditions are met and the return of the product is accepted, you are entitled to receive a credit note of equal value for the purchase of another product (s), or to be refunded by bank deposit. In case the products are not returned in good condition, Eurofilm MANTZARIS S.A. reserves the right to credit to you 70% of the value of the returned goods and not the whole value.
  • In case of repeated returns or in case Eurofilm MANTZARIS S.A., in its sole judgment, considers that a customer abuses the right of return or acts in bad faith retains the right to refuse the return of the product even if the above terms and conditions are met.

Defective products

  • Product return is considered temporarily accepted, and until the problem reported is confirmed and is finalized after the inspection by the Quality Control department in collaboration with the Production Department, by issuing a credit note or by replacing the product.

Return procedure

  • Contact the Customer Service or the Sales Department as soon as possible, and we will inform you about the return process, while on your part you will report the reason for the return requested.

  • You can send your product following the procedure as described below:

  • Pack the product, using the packaging/material you received your order in; if you can’t reuse it, then use a similar way and type of packaging, so that it is protected during shipping – return.
  • Place in the package a copy of the purchase receipt or invoice and a document with your full details, in which you will inform us of the cause (s) you wish to return the product and how you wish to resolve the pending financial issue. If the product is adjudged acceptable to return, then you inform us about the new product you wish to send you.
  • Upon receipt of the returned goods, the Quality Control department in collaboration with the Production Department will check the condition of the product received, and then inform you about further procedures. If you wish to make a product substitution with other product, we would recommend that you contact the Sales Department (or the sales person who monitors your account) to confirm the availability of the new product.

  • In case the return of goods is accepted, the new product will be sent at our expense and you will be credited with the shipping cost of returning the product. If the product violates the terms of return and its return to Eurofilm MANTZARIS S.A.. is not accepted, the goods be sent back to you, while shipping is borne by you.


Eurofilm MANTZARIS S.A.reserves the right to cancel or modify its Product Return Policy & Procedure by posting the new terms and conditions on its website.